Never ending love for ‘Game’ – A moment to cherish — May 21, 2014

Never ending love for ‘Game’ – A moment to cherish


“It all started a year and half ago”.

These were the words which i spoke yesterday at TechEdIndia 2014. But my gaming life started at Microsoft DevCamps last november when i met Sandeep Alur and Ujjwal kumar – My Mentor,Guide and Guru. Their guidance and support is never forgetting. I should also thank each and everyone who supported and helped me in this successful gaming journey especially

MVP Team

India Gamers Community 


The Gaming journey Continues…

My Technical Blog 

Unity :What & How — December 14, 2013

Unity :What & How

Unity is a game development ecosystem: a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D and 2D content; easy multiplatform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing community.


Agreed! but for me unity is a game engine through which you can develop games for all platforms including Windows store and windows phone with a very basic knowledge of C#/Javascript(for scripting),physics,mathematics and using built-in assets.

A month ago i got frustrated with my daily coding life and thought of learning something interesting like gaming.As usual, you start browsing on the internet and suddenly pops up some game engines like unity,UDK etc.

A course on MicrosoftVirtualAcademy also speaks about game engines.This made me to think and learn unity.

First of all the site to know,learn and try unity is ….any guess!!!! obviously Though it says 3D,starting from unity 4.3 i has support for 2D too

After traversing the website horizontally,hope you would agree that i have answered the Question “What is UNITY?”.

Now as a unity budding developer,let me answer the most important question for a beginner “How to Learn UNITY?”.


  • unity3d/learn 
  • unity3dstudent-> take the bottom up approach (start with essentials)
  • burgzergarcade

Enough of websites for now….Let’s turns to the best books in the market

  • Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials by Will Goldstone ( 3.x,an older version!!!! read this to understand terms like prefabs,assets,scripts etc
  • You want to learn C# scripting through unity game development–

Time to make hands dirty.

  • Download unity pro version (30 days trail) from unity website (select the unity pro while installing).
  • Only 30 days  😦 …Don’t worry after 30 days unity will get converted to unity basic (free version)…Hurray!!!!
  • Use the in-built unity assets in the unity store.

Unity Basic Vs Unity Pro.

  • For me only Asynchronous (ASync) was missing…More details @

Windows store + windows phone game development?

  • Yes, from unity 4.3 the support for windows game development has been extended
  • Best place to learn and understand this……
  • To learn about building and publishing the game to windows store

How can I start learning Unity fast? ( List Of Tutorials )

If you want to understand the whole gaming scenario (languages,other game engines)…read this post


I have almost completed developing a Football game using unity…About to publish it to Windows store…Will keep you posted on it..

Staty tunes 🙂

Politician’s drama — August 26, 2010

Politician’s drama

This is sent as eMail to me by one of my friends…….Thanks Buddy

Mr. Rahul Gandhi do this work just for an hour….without media.
Then tell us what you got…
If you really want to Change our India….No need to show us…..
We will follow you……Definitely.


First time in the world history fasting only 4 hours and that too with an AC …….
This is the comedy of the year 2009….
Fasting startsafter breakfast and ending before lunch. Interesting one!!

The sad truth-Stop global warming — May 17, 2010
The Sun as you’ve never seen it: Nasa reveals stunning footage from new satellite — April 26, 2010

The Sun as you’ve never seen it: Nasa reveals stunning footage from new satellite

Full power: An extreme ultraviolet image of the Sun shows different gas temperatures – reds are about 59,727C, blues and greens are about 999,727C

Read more:

Close-up: These images show solar flares escaping from the Sun’s surface. The one on the right (top) stretches almost halfway across the star, about 500,000 miles

Read more:

Ring of fire: Known as a ‘prominence eruption’, this is a loop of gas heated to an extremely high temperature. Twisted magnetic fields on the Sun’s surface cause the gas to be shaped like this. This image was captured by the satellite on March 30

Read more:

Mentor to both Jinnah and Gandhi — April 16, 2010

Mentor to both Jinnah and Gandhi

Mentor to both Jinnah and Gandhi

Gokhale was famously a mentor to Mahatma Gandhi in his formative years. In 1912, Gokhale visited South Africa at Gandhi’s invitation. As a young barrister, Gandhi returned from his struggles against the Empire in South Africa and received personal guidance from Gokhale, including a knowledge and understanding of India and the issues confronting common Indians. By 1920, Gandhi emerged as the leader of the Indian Independence Movement. In his autobiography, Gandhi calls Gokhale his mentor and guide. Gandhi also recognised Gokhale as an admirable leader and master politician, describing him as ‘pure as crystal, gentle as a lamb, brave as a lion and chivalrous to a fault and the most perfect man in the political field’.[8]Despite his deep respect for Gokhale, however, Gandhi would reject Gokhale’s faith in western institutions as a means of achieving political reform and ultimately chose not to become a member of Gokhale’s Servants of India Society. [9] Gokhale was also the role model and mentor of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the future founder of Pakistan, who in 1912, aspired to become the “Muslim Gokhale”. Gokhale famously praised Jinnah as an “ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity.”

Lighting a Billion Lives — March 8, 2010

Lighting a Billion Lives

‘GREENATHON’ started in 2009, is a joint intiative by NDTV and Toyota.

  • 2009- 55 Villages
  • 2010-155 Villages (till yesterday)

The NDTV-Toyota Greenathon in its first year helped raise funds to solar power over 55 villages in India through TERI’s Lighting a Billion Lives initiative.

Over 1.6 billion people in the world lack access to electricity; roughly 25 per cent are in India alone. For these people, life comes to a standstill after dusk.

List of all those villages that benefitted from this campaign- villages that would otherwise be without electricity for a decade or more.

Village Name State Block District
Agar ki dhani Rajasthan Thanagazi Alwar
Ahirajpur Orissa Rajnagar Kendrapara
Bad gujran Rajasthan Thanagazi Alwar
Bairawas Rajasthan Thanagazi Alwar
Bamanwas Rajasthan Virat Nagar Jaipur
Banipal Orissa Rajnagar Kendrapara
Bankimnagar 1 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Bankimnagar 2 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Barwada Rajasthan Virat Nagar Jaipur
Beharda Madhya Pradesh Ghandhwani Dhar
Bhanwata Rajasthan Thanagazi Alwar
Bhuriyawas ki Dhadi Rajasthan Thanagazi Alwar
Bilda Madhya Pradesh Ghandhwani Dhar
Bishnupur 1 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Bishnupur 2 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Biyawas Rajasthan Virat Nagar Jaipur
Chakfuldubi 1 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Chakfuldubi 2 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Chowringhee 1 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Chowringhee 2 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Dahinala Madhya Pradesh Burhanpur Burhanpur
Godipokhari Orissa Shyamakhunta Mayurbhanj
Gudugudia 1 Orissa Jashipur Mayurbhanj
Guwada gujran Rajasthan Thanagazi Alwar
Hassanpura Madhya Pradesh Burhanpur Burhanpur
Jadapal Orissa Shyamakhunta Mayurbhanj
Jauna Vas Haryana Rewari Rewari
Jhinai Orissa Shyamakhunta Mayurbhanj
Kakarpani Orissa Shyamakhunta Mayurbhanj
Kalarpuri Haryana Tavdu Mewat
Kalikaprasad Orissa Jashipur Mayurbhanj
Kamalpur/ Baijapur 1 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Kamalpur/ Baijapur 2 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Kitadahi Orissa Shyamakhunta Mayurbhanj
Madan-mohanpur Orissa Jashipur Mayurbhanj
Manawas Rajasthan Thanagazi Alwar
Mohanpura Madhya Pradesh Ghandhwani Dhar
Nava Rajapur Punjab Noorpur Bet Ludhiana
Okilapal Orissa Rajnagar Kendrapara
Pachpadi Rajasthan Thanagazi Alwar
PanchGaon Patti Sawal (Ganvdi) Uttar Pradesh Rajpura Meerut
Rangani Orissa Rajnagar Kendrapara
Rudranagar 1 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Rudranagar 2 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Saharapat Orissa Jashipur Mayurbhanj
Satana/Bhojera Rajasthan Virat Nagar Jaipur
Satumbri Madhya Pradesh Ghandhwani Dhar
Shibpur 1 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Shibpur 2 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Sunaria Haryana Dharuhera Rewari
Surat garh Rajasthan Thanagazi Alwar
Talchua Orissa Rajnagar Kendrapara
Tarajodi Orissa Shyamakhunta Mayurbhanj
Uttar Bishnupur 1 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Uttar Bishnupur 2 West Bengal Sagar Island South 24 Paraganas
Uttaras Orissa Jashipur Mayurbhanj

The second edition of the NDTV-Toyota Greenathon has been a huge success as we once again reaffirm our commitment to the cause of solar powering villages across India through TERI’s Lighting a Billion Lives initiative. A big thank you to all those who supported our Green Cause and helped make a difference.

To Donate :

Save our National Pride — March 2, 2010

Save our National Pride

From around 40,000 at the turn of the last century, there are just 1411 tigers left in India. What started as a Royal Sport during the olden times is now a target of Poaching and Depleting Habitat. Our National Animal is fighting for its life!

The rich biodiversity and natural capital of India can be witnessed in the Tiger Sanctuaries. Knowledge of these sanctuaries helps build awareness for the cause

Tiger Facts

  • From around 40,000 tigers at the turn of the last century, there are just 1411 tigers left in India.
  • 2009 was the worst year for tigers in India, with 86 deaths reported.
  • There are 37 Tiger sanctuaries in India. However, 17 sanctuaries are on the verge of losing their tiger population.
  • Corbett National Park is the oldest tiger park in India. It was created in 1936 as ‘Hailey National Park’.
  • The Kanha National Park’s lush sal and bamboo forests, grassy meadows and ravines provided inspiration to Rudyard Kipling for his famous novel, The Jungle Book.
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